We chose to call the Nennig Law Office when several family events required a complicated and sensitive response to a difficult personal matter. When it was necessary to make changes requiring additional hours they were tolerant of our situation. Because of that, we were anticipating and prepared to pay a large fee. What a pleasant surprise! We couldn’t wait to put a check in the mail to thank them for their dedicated work.

– NK and PH

A few years ago, I consulted another attorney in town who specializes in estate planning. In the first visit, it was clear that his priority was the fees he would earn rather than what was in my best interest. The experience my husband and I had with Bob was very different. He took the time to explain how he could help us, listened to what we needed and wanted, and quoted a single price up front. We are very pleased with the services and follow-up the Nennig-team has provided and the value we got for our investment. Moreover, I feel reassured knowing that Bob and his team will be here for us now and in the future.

– KK

The staff are all welcoming and knowledgeable. Their service is exceptional: Communication, efficiency, understanding, and materials provided. They went above and beyond to help me get my Illinois land into my trust. Cannot say enough good things!

– JH

The entire Nennig Team Members were courteous, professional, and friendly. Despite the inherent legal language, Bob and Julia took the time to explain all facets of the process and documents. I appreciated prompt follow-up and gentle reminders.

– MK and LK

“When I post a review it’s usually not for lawyers but I’m making an exception this time. I asked my financial advisor if he could recommend an estate lawyer and he gave me the Bob Nenning law firm. Bob, his associate, Julia Walsh and his staff are wonderful to work with and made the process seamless. Bob has developed an extremely helpful template that guides someone new (i.e. me) to understand the entire estate planning process. I’m a very detail-oriented person and had many follow-up questions. As a result, the process took longer than usual. Bob and Julia were very patient with me and were meticulous and thorough in answering all my questions. We are happy to have our estate plan finally completed and so extremely pleased with our experience working with Bob, Julia and his wonderful support staff, Keleigh and Kesang.”

– TP

We recently worked with Bob Nennig and his staff to put together a living trust for our family. He walked us through every step and made what can be fairly overwhelming and complex information accessible. He and his staff are thorough, attentive to detail, responsive, friendly and trustworthy. We are relieved to finally have these important documents in place and for the very positive experience we had in doing so!

– RM

Julia Walsh of Nennig Law Offices did a great job preparing a trust termination petition for us. She was very knowledgeable and professional and we received court approval very quickly. We would definitely work with Julia and Bob again.

– DK

We were fortunate to have been referred by our financial advisor to Nennig Law Offices to assist us with creating a trust, and were impressed and pleased with their level of service and affordability. When my dad passed away, working with Nennig Law Offices was an easy choice. As personal representative for my dad’s estate, I quickly learned that while there is a great deal of work involved, that work is made infinitely less worrisome with the right estate attorney. We especially appreciated their level of care through the entire process, as probate can be a tiring and emotional journey. We are grateful for all their help, and could not recommend them highly enough for anyone dealing with probate or setting up a trust.

– CR

“My husband and I worked with Bob and his team to create an estate plan. It was our first time doing so and the team was very approachable, thorough, and professional. They explained what each part of the plan meant, offered advice on things we never would have thought of (this having been our first experience of this kind), and were very down-to-earth, while being very professional. We received our services during COVID-19 quarantine and they were able to get everything done for us via phone, Zoom conference, and curbside pickup. I would highly recommend Nennig Law Office for estate planning needs.”

– BJ & LJ

Good job. Good questions asked and answered. Keep up the good work. Very reasonably priced. Happy to give you my business.

– I.L.

Everything was explained carefully. All of my concerns were incorporated into the final product. Bob and his staff are easy to work with and very professional. I feel fortunate I found this group to work with.

– L.K.

Nennig Law Offices, LLC was very informative and organized in assisting us in developing our Living Trust. We would highly recommend their services to others.

– G.S. and L.S.

Everything was explained clearly to me up front. I wasn’t prepared to make any decision one way or another. Once I decided, everything went promptly and smoothly.

– LD

Nennig Law Offices did a great job helping me with my estate planning needs. They were very patient, listening to all my questions and concerns and helped me develop a trust that meets all my needs.

– L.V.

My partner completed her estate planning with Nennig Law Offices, LLC and was well-satisfied with the process and outcome. I had recently retired and relocated to Madison and had delayed my estate planning for some time. Nennig was highly recommended and helped to effectively work through decisions about planning and distribution of my estate. They were patient and understanding in working out the financial trajectories for the future.

– EH

This old man (81) appreciated the fast, thorough, accurate estate plan.

– DL

Nennig Law Offices did a fine job for me start to finish. They took my specific planning needs in mind, educated me from the get-go about estate planning and did it all practically with a minimum of effort on my part.

– ES

We appreciated the patient unhurried manner in which legal terms were explained, questions answered and the final trust document.

– EH

The process of making a Revocable Living Trust was intense but Bob and his staff really guided us along the way. We were given options and any questions we had were addressed right away. This made the whole process very easy to follow. Very good step by step. Also Bob does a great job in planning for future contingencies. We feel confident we have a great estate plan.

– L.P.

Nennig Law Offices was our first choice when it came to estate planning. Bob and his staff were knowledgeable, professional and personable in every meeting and interaction we had throughout our estate planning process. All facets of the process were thoroughly explained, and contact from the office was prompt and courteous. We were highly satisfied and would definitely recommend Bob for estate planning services.

– RH & CH

My husband and I appreciated the guidance Bob provided for our estate plan. Having a young child, we felt this was something we needed to make a priority. Bob was great in getting everything prepared in the event of emergency.

– K.

Bob did an excellent job explaining the estate planning process. It can be a daunting task but the time he took with us and answering all of our questions, it became a process we completed. It feels very good to have this accomplished!

– A & R

Bob knows what he is doing. He is easy to understand and passionate about helping his clients. We received the very best professional services!

– A.H. and J.H.

The reason I called Bob Nennig for my estate planning is that Bob has done a lot of thinking about how people should prepare for the unthinkable. The unthinkable isn’t just about specifying who gets my stuff after I die. It’s about making sure the people who depend on me will be provided for. It’s about preparing the people I trust to make decisions for me if I can’t make decisions for myself. It’s about, putting in one place, all the information my family will need to tie up loose ends — my usernames and passwords, my insurance policies, the key to my safety deposit box. It’s about stating my desires for how I want to be memorialized at my funeral, how I want my body interred.

Bob Nennig’s work as an estate planning attorney is informed by his devotion to family. He is thorough and gentle in the difficult questions he poses. I can tell that he cares, not only about me, but also about my family. The advice he offers takes into consideration all of the generations affected by estate planning decisions. When the unthinkable or inevitable happens, the last thing I want to do to my loved ones is burden them with having to try to deal with putting my affairs in order on top of everything else. Bob knows that estate planning isn’t for me, but for the people who come after.

The package that he and I pulled together was thoughtful and complete and gave me a peace of mind that I would never have achieved with an online form or even with another attorney who isn’t as family-centered as Bob Nennig is. He brings this perspective to every aspect of his practice. The unique pricing structure he has developed for his services reflects his understanding of the budget-planning needs of young families. It is evident that Bob wants to make estate planning accessible and affordable to families at every stage of their journey together, and not just the wealthy ones, either.

I am a wedding officiant who counsels a dozen couples a year in preparation for married life. One of the things I tell them is that one of the greatest gifts you can give your spouse is an estate plan. Then I give them Bob Nennig’s card.

– VJ

Nennig Law Offices provided timely, caring and intelligent service as I tackled my estate planning, which is something I had been avoiding for a long time. I highly recommend Nennig Law Offices!

– K.E.

What a great experience working with Bob Nennig and his staff in preparing my Living Trust! So happy my loved ones have a road map to my wishes for now and the future.

– J

We were more than pleased with the services received and the price was very reasonable.

– B & J

Navigating the legal world of trusts and wills can be daunting to say the least. Nennig Law Offices walked us through the process step by step. We ended up with a series of documents that clearly and correctly stated our intentions for our belongings and finances. I was extremely happy with Nennig Law Offices and believe others would be too.

– SS

The process to create a trust was simpler than I expected. Mr. Nennig was clear and concise when explaining how things worked. I feel much more secure now that a trust is set up for my children.

– Teresa

I have told lawyer jokes for years. But when I needed a lawyer, I found a good one in Bob Nennig. No joke!!

– John

Bob Nennig is experienced and knowledgeable of the law. I found his low-key demeanor very pleasant and appreciated his reasonable fees. He was professional and I have already referred him to two additional people.

– C

I am impressed. From the first call, to set up an appointment, through the final signing … the attention to detail and careful explanations. I know this was a good choice.

– Stephen

I would absolutely recommend Bob! Not only is Bob thorough and wise, he is kind and caring. His services were thorough and prompt, and I felt like I was his only client and the most important work he was doing.

– MD

We are very please with all aspects of working with Nennig Law Offices. Of particular note is the care taken to educate us thoroughly.

– BM and JM

I would recommend you because of the clarity and thoroughness with which issues were laid out for me and the help you provided in making changes that will help my family in the long run. Bob was very clear and thorough in explaining reasons for his recommendations and the importance of both the financial and health related steps to set up my Living Trust estate plan. He and his staff were very easy to work with! Thank you!

– Mary Lee

We were very happy with your services and we felt warmly and sincerely received. You covered everything meticulously and we enjoyed your warm and caring personality. We felt like you had our best interests in mind and we felt comfortable and it seemed like a fair price.

– S and M

Thank you, Bob, for all your help settling my mother’s estate. My brothers, sisters and I appreciate your willingness to help us through this difficult process. Your guidance helped make everything go smoothly.

– PM

A quick and easy way to do the right thing for kids and family, for the future. Bob was great.

– M and B

Bob Nennig is an Estate Planning attorney. He helps people prepare their lives and finances for their death or disability. This sounds simple enough. Everybody dies, and it should not be that difficult to figure out what we have. So, all we have to do is figure out where we want things to go and put it in writing.

But there is a lot going on here. It is one thing to acknowledge that everyone is going to die at some point. This is very clinical in a sense. We are talking about other people and of course they will. Now, say that about yourself. This is not so easy. And to sit with someone and talk about his or her eventual death is a conversation most people do not want to have. Facing our own mortality is about the hardest thing most people will have to do. There is a finality about it that is difficult to grasp.

Next, in most cases, we are talking about family. If it only involves spouse and one or two children, it may be simple enough. But often there are complications, such as a second marriage, step-children, and children with special needs, children who need financial assistance or protection and many variations of the above.

Combine the above and it gets to be complicated. Guiding a conversation through this and coming up with a workable plan requires a very specific ability and skill set.

There is a basic knowledge of the basic vehicles based on a certain set of circumstances, and of course, the ability to apply them to the matter at hand is certainly a necessary skill. Many lawyers have or can get these tools. Those alone, however, do not make for a great Estate Planning attorney.

In addition to the technical and legal skills, there are two critical things that take it from competent to great. These are the ability to listen, and compassion. It is easy to gather the basic facts, suggest a course of action, and then set out to explain why it is the best way to go. But this just gets a will, or perhaps a trust. What takes it to the next level is being able to listen to the concerns of the person doing the planning. In most cases, they do not speak legal-ese. But they do speak from their heart. And it is what they say that permits the great Estate Planning attorney to go above and beyond a simple plan that puts a will or trust into place.

And finally, there is compassion. This is the ability to empathize with the client and let them know you understand what they are going through. This is the ability to let them know that what they are experiencing is normal and that they need not feel bad. In fact, if they did not need something special, that they would be unusual.

Bob Nennig has the technical skill set. But Bob has that next level of skills. Bob listens and does so with compassion. I have sent many people to Bob, and do so without hesitation, knowing my clients will get a great experience.

– ML

Bob is a very good resource. He did an excellent job. We are glad we chose him.

– J and T

Bob provided us with an excellent education regarding estate planning and was willing to spend an extended period of time with us to make sure we had all our questions answered. We would recommend him to our friends and relatives.

– R and J

Bob was forthright and knowledgeable. He explained everything clearly. Bob made common sense of estate planning. We absolutely would recommend him.

– B and K

I heard Bob discuss Estate Planning at a seminar and I could tell he had obvious more experience than the previous attorney I used. I can’t think of any way he can improve his services. I have recommended him to friends and family and will continue to do so.

– Sheralyn

I was impressed by Bob’s friendly, warm style. In addition, I found that he answered my questions and made the process understandable. All work was completed promptly and was of excellent quality. I would recommend Bob to my family and friends.

– Kerry

Bob answered my questions and made the estate planning process understandable. All work was completed promptly as promised. He did a really nice job and was an excellent value for the services provided. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and relatives.

– Carol

Very conscientious and eager to help people through the process of family planning.

– T and R

I would recommend Bob because he is sincere, caring and trustworthy.

– M.H.

We were involved in a contested probate estate and sincerely appreciate all the work you did for us! We were “extremely pleased” that you understood our problem and situation and were able to help. You are one of the first attorney’s we have dealt with who really knew their subject. We would recommend you to everyone!

– F and P

Thanks for all your help!

– R and K

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