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The reason I called Bob Nennig for my estate planning is that Bob has done a lot of thinking about how people should prepare for the unthinkable. The unthinkable isn’t just about specifying who gets my stuff after I die. It’s about making sure the people who depend on me will be provided for. It’s about preparing the people I trust to make decisions for me if I can’t make decisions for myself. It’s about, putting in one place, all the information my family will need to tie up loose ends — my usernames and passwords, my insurance policies, the key to my safety deposit box. It’s about stating my desires for how I want to be memorialized at my funeral, how I want my body interred.

Bob Nennig’s work as an estate planning attorney is informed by his devotion to family. He is thorough and gentle in the difficult questions he poses. I can tell that he cares, not only about me, but also about my family. The advice he offers takes into consideration all of the generations affected by estate planning decisions. When the unthinkable or inevitable happens, the last thing I want to do to my loved ones is burden them with having to try to deal with putting my affairs in order on top of everything else. Bob knows that estate planning isn’t for me, but for the people who come after.

The package that he and I pulled together was thoughtful and complete and gave me a peace of mind that I would never have achieved with an online form or even with another attorney who isn’t as family-centered as Bob Nennig is. He brings this perspective to every aspect of his practice. The unique pricing structure he has developed for his services reflects his understanding of the budget-planning needs of young families. It is evident that Bob wants to make estate planning accessible and affordable to families at every stage of their journey together, and not just the wealthy ones, either.

I am a wedding officiant who counsels a dozen couples a year in preparation for married life. One of the things I tell them is that one of the greatest gifts you can give your spouse is an estate plan. Then I give them Bob Nennig’s card.

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